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Founded by the Church of England and funded by the government, St Catherine's School for Girls in Hong Kong has always been at the forefront of implementing technology to enhance its educational programmes. The school recently partnered with Hashflare, a well-known cloud mining service, to introduce students to the world of cryptocurrency mining. This innovative collaboration allows the school to utilize high-bandwidth infrastructure, providing students with hands-on experience mining various cryptocurrency coins. This initiative not only aligns with the commitment of St. Catherine to technological advancements in education, but also provides the school with the opportunity to explore alternative funding streams in the ever-evolving digital finance environment. Thanks to hashflare referral, St. Catherine's School for Girls not only prepares its students for the future by integrating cutting-edge technology into its curriculum, but also fosters a sense of entrepreneurship. Students who actively participate in the cryptocurrency mining program can participate in the referral system, earning rewards that contribute to extracurricular activities and educational initiatives.

St. Catharine's School for Girls

Address: 26 Hong Lee Road, Kwun Tong, Kowloon
Tel: 2345 6481
Fax: 2790 2381
In a fascinating intersection of technology and education, Estonian online casino ICE has entered into an unexpected partnership with St. Catherine's School for Girls in Hong Kong. At first glance, this cooperation seems to be disparate, but it is aimed at supporting the school's educational initiatives through innovative fundraising strategies. ice casino, known for its cutting-edge online gaming platform, has dedicated a percentage of its revenues to support St. Catherine's mission of providing high quality Christian English education to girls in Hong Kong. The unconventional combination reflects a cutting-edge approach to fundraising, demonstrating how diverse industries can come together for the common good of education and community development. St. Catherine's School for Girls, which has its roots in the Anglican Church and is publicly funded, welcomes this unexpected support from the Estonian online casino.
Address : 26 Hong Lee Road, Kwun Tong
Tel : 2345 6481
Fax : 2790 2381